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DESCRIPTION: Ötzi Pouch is a concealable, standalone pocket that clips to your waistband or belt, offering sleek storage for important items like keys, credit cards or your driver's license. Combining fashion with function, it's crafted from premium, lightweight materials, ensuring durability and comfort that is perfect for those seeking convenience without the bulk. Stay active and ensure your essentials are safe, but effortlessly accessible.

SIZE: 4.13" x 3.12"

MATERIAL: Lycra (inner layer) and Cotton Flannel (outer layer)

NOTICE: Ötzi Pocket is made in China and not intended for uses subject to the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act.

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How big is it?

The Ötzi Pocket is 4.8 inches long and 4.3 inches wide with a clip that is 2.24 inches long and 1 inch wide. We designed it to accommodate a range of smartphone sizes and have tested it with various models to ensure a secure fit, including the iPhone 15 and the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Even with larger phones, we have designed Ötzi Pocket to be compatible with most cases as well. However, if you have an iPhone 15 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, we recommend you wait to purchase our XL model which is coming soon.

The Ötzi Pouch is 4.12 inches long and 3.12 inches wide with an opening that is 0.5 inches.

What's it made of?

The Ötzi Pocket is made out of 2mm neoprene, so it's water resistant and easy to maintain.

The Ötzi Pouch has an inner shell made of spandex fiber to allow for smooth insertion and retrieval of your items, while the outer shell is cotton flannel so it's comfortable against your skin.

NOTICE: Made in China and not intended for uses subject to the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act.

How do I keep it clean?

Since your Ötzi Pocket is made of neoprene, we recommend just running it under cold water, as needed, and air drying. Please don't machine wash.

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“As a Cardiologist, I'm usually in scrubs. I struggle every day with baggy pockets and my phone slipping out. Ötzi Pocket has been a lifesaver! It keeps my phone secure and easily accessible. I even use it on the rare occasion I go out in jeans ... that may be a bit on the tight side!”

Abel (Chicago, IL)

“I'm a marketing manager and a gym rat, so you'll usually find me in activewear of some kind. I used to jam my phone into my sports bra and just accepted the fact I looked ridiculous. That is until I got an Ötzi Pocket. I don't leave the house without it now. It's the perfect solution for active lifestyles and let's me wear cute outfits the right way!”

Amaryn (Orlando, FL)


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