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About Us

Smartphones are modern-day survival kits, but the way we store and carry them is archaic and reckless. 

Say hello to Ötzi Pocket. It's pronounced UHT-see and it's the smarter way to carry your smartphone. Drawing inspiration from the belt of Ötzi, an OG survivalist who roamed the Swiss Alps 5,000 years ago, Ötzi Pocket blends ancient wisdom with modern innovation to keep your smartphone safe, but seamlessly accessible.

Bottom Line Upfront

  • Carry Smarter: Ötzi Pocket provides a dedicated and secure place to carry your phone. With its concealed standalone design, you can clip it to your waistband or belt for seamless storage, eliminating the need to compete for space in tight places.
  • Store Safely: With your phone securely stored in an Ötzi Pocket, you can rest assured knowing that it's always within reach and less likely to be lost or misplaced.
  • Marry Form with Fashion: Ensure you no longer have to compromise your style and fit. Ötzi Pocket's sleek and lightweight design, crafted from premium materials, not only protects your phone, but also complements your fashion sense.
  • Prevent Drops and Cracks: With its durable construction and secure clip-on design, you can trust Ötzi Pocket to keep your phone safe and sound, reducing the risk of damage from pocket slips or lap drops.
  • Thwart Pick Pockets: Ötzi Pocket's discreet design will make your phone less susceptible to theft or pick-pocketing, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

Protecting Phones, One Pocket at a Time

On average, people check their phones 144 times a day, so it should come as no surprise that 95 million smartphones are dropped and damaged each year in the US alone, with 49% attributed to falling out of pockets and 15% to dropping off of laps.

Of course, no amount of money can help the 70 million people who lose their smartphone altogether each year. Whether dropped, lost or stolen, the financial and emotional toll is substantial, but often preventable.

Inspired by the Past, Designed for the Future

Smartphones have become extensions of ourselves, hubs of communication, information and entertainment that keep us connected to the world around us. Yet, how we carry them has been overlooked by form and fashion. Pockets first began appearing on waistcoats and trousers about 500 years ago and have barely evolved since, certainly not enough to account for the rise of smartphones. We live in an era of activewear and skinny jeans with no place for our smartphones to call home.

We went back 5,000 years to Ötzi, the original Iceman, for inspiration. His belt actually had an integrated pouch where he kept a crude survival kit. He could lose his bow and quiver, his ax, even his outer clothes and shoes, but his belt would remain and with it, his key to survival.

In today's fast-paced world, mobility and convenience are everything. Traditional bags can be cumbersome, and pockets are restrictive. Ötzi Pocket is the perfect solution: a dedicated space for your smartphone, without the bulk. Whether you're heading for a jog, embarking on a city adventure, or just stepping out for a coffee, Ötzi Pocket ensures you have your modern-day survival kit at your fingertips.

Ötzi Pocket is a concealable, standalone pocket that clips to your waistband or belt, offering sleek storage for smartphones as well as other essential items like cards and keys. Combining fashion with function, it's crafted from premium, lightweight materials, ensuring durability and comfort that is perfect for those seeking convenience without the bulk. Stay active and ensure your essentials are safe, but effortlessly accessible.

Ötzi Pocket is a simple idea with a profound impact. Your contribution is not just funding a product; it's fostering a movement towards a safer, more productive lifestyle that could save billions in lost and damaged smartphones.


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