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Say goodbye to dropped and lost phones with a concealable, low-profile phone holster.

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experience convenience and security

Ötzi Pocket is the smarter way to carry your smartphone

Don't leave home without it. Combining form with function, it's crafted from premium, lightweight materials, ensuring durability and comfort on-the-go. Stay active, but ensure your phone is safe and easily accessible.

  • Universal - Fits up to iPhone 15 / Samsung S24
  • Versatile - Wear inside the waistband or out
  • Secure - Keep your essentials safe
  • Sleek - Low profile, concealable design
  • Premium - Lightweight & comfortable

Every phone deserves a proper home

Never drop or lose your phone again!

Stop shoving your phone into tight pockets, sports bras and armpits. And don't even think about recklessly balancing it on a knee or carelessly tucking it into your waistband.

We know you live on-the-go and most solutions are bulky and overly tactical looking. With an Ötzi Pocket, you have a dedicated place to carry your phone that won't cramp your style. In fact, it's so seamless you'll forget it's even there.

Whether you're heading for a workout, embarking on a city adventure, or just stepping out for a coffee, Ötzi Pocket ensures you have your modern-day survival kit fashionably at your fingertips.


Customers Say

“As a Cardiologist, I'm usually in scrubs. I struggle every day with baggy pockets and my phone slipping out. Ötzi Pocket has been a lifesaver! It keeps my phone secure and easily accessible. I even use it on the rare occasion I go out in jeans ... that may be a bit on the tight side!”

- Abel (Chicago, IL)

“I'm a marketing manager and a gym rat, so you'll usually find me in activewear of some kind. I used to jam my phone into my sports bra and just accepted the fact I looked ridiculous. That is until I got an Ötzi Pocket. I don't leave the house without it now. It's the perfect solution for active lifestyles and let's me wear cute outfits the right way!”

- Amaryn (Orlando, FL)

Why do I need it?


On average, people check their phones 144 times a day, so it should come as no surprise that 95 million smartphones are dropped and damaged each year in the US alone, with 49% attributed to falling out of pockets and 15% to dropping off of laps.

Of course, no amount of money can help the 70 million people who lose their smartphone altogether. Whether dropped, lost or stolen, the financial and emotional toll is substantial, but preventable.

Where do I wear it?


Ötzi Pocket features a low-profile, powder-coated metal clip that allows it to securely attach to your waistband or belt to ensure it stays firmly in place, regardless of your activity level.

We recommend wearing Ötzi Pocket inside your waistband (IWB) or belt for maximum security, but it can also be worn on the outside (OWB), which is convenient when you are pulling your phone out often such as during a workout at the gym.

You can wear your Ötzi Pocket anywhere, but most people opt for their back hip so their phone is within reach, but still out of the way.

Will it fit my phone?


Probably. The Ötzi Pocket is 4.8 inches long and 4.3 inches wide. We designed it to accommodate a range of smartphone sizes and we've tested it with various models to ensure a secure fit, including the iPhone 15 and the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Even with larger phones, we have designed Ötzi Pocket to be compatible with most cases as well. However, if you have an iPhone 15 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, we recommend you wait to purchase our XL model which is coming soon.

Note, the Ötzi Pouch is 4.12 inches long and 3.12 inches wide with an opening that is 0.5 inches.

What is an Ötzi?


When we looking for inspiration, we went back 5,000 years to the original Iceman, Ötzi for inspiration. His belt actually had an integrated pouch where he kept a crude survival kit. He could lose his bow and quiver, his ax, even his outer clothes and shoes, but his belt would remain and with it, his key to survival. With over 70 million smartphones lost each year in the US alone, we knew there had to be a better way to carry and safeguard our modern-day survival kits.

How do you say Ötzi?


It's pronounced [UHT-see] and sounds a bit like "footsie" though you may hear a slight "r" sound after the "uh" if you're talking to someone from the Swiss Alps.

Does it store anything else?


Absolutely! You can also keep essential items like your credit cards or keys in an Ötzi Pocket, which is a great option for traveling or running.

However, we recommend an Ötzi Pouch if you don't need to store your phone (e.g. basketball players prefer the Pouch to the Pocket for just their keys).


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